Is a weekly two-hour program of music from Africa and the African diaspora produced by EchoesofAfrica and broadcast live Thursday night on San Francisco’s national public radio KALW 91.7 FM.  Each week we offer listeners something different in the way of international music, cultural information, and musician interviews. (Musical gems from Africa and the African diaspora that will revive your weary soul. Vintage and contemporary sounds from Abidjan to Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond.) Listeners  say  the music  enhanced their night—they say they dance around their kitchens, or that it makes them nostalgic of Africa. AfricaMix has a solid following from the African diaspora, many of whom say the music reminds them of home. We present AfricaMix for the pure joy and cool meditation of it all and we invite listeners to open their ears to different kind of rhythms. We have been committed to bring all that is positive about the continent, the happy people whose lives are enriched with music and culture. As we all know music itself is love, it is universal it is a form of energy.

There is also "Voices of African Diasporans" a segment of the program which gives African immigrants the opportunity to tell their stories of emigrating to America. It is important to hear, how they came to America,their struggles and their American experience.

 Each week we offer the best of our music libraries. Please join us every Thursday night 9:00-11PM pacific time. If you are listening on line at the show airs in most parts of Africa early Friday morning.


      Edwin Okongo                Emmanuel Nado

Producers and hosts Emmanuel Nado, of Cote d'Ivoire, and Edwin

Okongo of Kenya, bring to KALW listeners an informative and musical experience from the continent that never stands still. Africa's musical influence on the world is without question and the myriad of sounds and styles out of Africa are heard on the show. When you tune in each week you'll be part of a musical journey that takes you through the heart of Africa. The mission here is to entertain as well educate the listeners.

The last hour of the program is devoted to the current dance music scenes, and the latest club dance craze.

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