Africamix celebrates Black History Month

Music is a nice way to spread the word. Like sport, it builds bridges between nations and communities but it is also a weapon to bring changes in the world. Here in the San Francisco bay area, we are fortunate to have a vast pool of talents. Many yet to be discovered and some already known on the international music scene. On Africamix, we strive to present our local music treasures. In February Africamix welcomed three remarkable young African artists living here in the bay area. Piwai (Zimbabwe) Nasambu (Kenya) and Zena Konjo Alen (African-American) These artists translate their artistic skills, value, and knowledge and experience they brought from their original homes and travels. It is where guitar, mbira, djembe and kora meets, blending musical traditions.We celebrated African History Month with these bay area talents playing live on Africamix KALW 91.7fm

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